The Seasonal Garden Consultation


Your average consultation begins with a preliminary phone call to assess what you're hoping to get from your yard. How much time do you want to put into your space? What types of food are you hoping to produce? Things like that.

Then comes the onsite consultation. I will come to your space to assess and begin the plan to make your yard start producing food. Your garden plan will start with preparing the soil. There are several ways to do this and we'll discuss which ones work best for you. We will customize a crop list that best fits your space and your wants. I'll take some measurements and then the planning begins. We'll also cover the many ways to critter proof your yard that should begin right away!

After the onsite visit the garden planning begins. You will receive a sketch of your yard showing exactly how many plants your space accommodates and where to place them. You will also receive our Garden Worksheets that explain maintenance, when you can expect your plants to be ready to harvest and when to start a second planting. In addition you will receive a shopping list of everything you will need for the growing season, from tools to soil amendments, to the best organic and locally grown seedlings and seed packets.  

The Year Round Garden ConsulTAtion


Want to get the absolute most out of your space? Let's talk season extension. PA winters can be tough but with a little planning and a few extra pieces you can easily grow 10 months out of the year or even longer! In addition to everything in the Seasonal Garden Consultation I will also layout your indoor seed starting plan to get a jump on the early spring. In addition we'll discuss creating low tunnel hoop houses to push cold crops well into late December and beyond.  

A little extra help

Need a little help with the labor? Trust me I get it and I'd love to discuss your budget and find a way to aid in getting your edible landscape growing quickly.